Cinema Medium in AP & TG

Cinema is entwined in the culture of the people in AP & TG which makes it the best medium to reach out to the market . The craze for cinema in AP is well known to all. Telugu Cinema is the largest producer of movies even more than Bollywood. Stars are treated like Demi gods and each of their releases are like festivals.
The major seasons to exploit the medium are in April – July (Holiday season), Oct – Feb(Festive season ending with sankranti)
In short it is Roti, Kapada, Makaan and Cinema for the Telugu people in AP and TG.

About Lemon Media

With a network of 1600+theatres covering all the districts of AP & TG, Lemon Media has a formidable presence in this market. We have done a classification of theatres into A++,A+,A,B and C done based on the distribution pattern and the location. With an average ticket price being Rs30/- till date the medium attracts huge footfalls as it is the cheapest form of entertainment. The average capacity of a single screen is around 600 and each town has around 6-7 theatres which allows the medium to have 5cr+ eyeballs a month.

Due to our distribution background we have direct relationship with the theatre management which is why we have gone beyond just on screen advertising and developed properties to exploit 360 degree of the medium and also best possible rates.

Properties to Explore in the Medium


An adfilm which can be played to a captive audience mostly before the start of the movie. Usually the TVC is played so that the brand gets 360 degree visibility for the season.

Standee Placements

Standees offer a great static branding point in the lobby of the theatre. A 6*3 standee which will be placed at strategic locations like staircases and other most visible points in the theatre premises.

Outdoor Flex

An external flex is placed on the façade of the theatre premises of size 20*10 ie 200 sft. This is placed at the highly visible strategic point so that the huge crowds that throng the theatre before the shows can be exploited.
Flex is best suitable for A,B,C category theatres as there are no alternatives and also the theatres premises is usually the centre of the town. A flex here serves both purposes of exploiting people who come to the theatre as well as general public.

Wall paintings

Theatre premises gives the best opportunity to paint the walls with the brand communication. Wall painting is done both in the interior/exterior walls of a theatre. A minimum of 500 sq.ft wall painting per theatre can be done. The wall painting is guaranteed for the campaign duration in the theatres which differentiates it from other locations


Both wet and dry sampling can be done In the theatres. Any scale can be undertaken and Lemon Media is the only media house to have implemented 1.2cr sachets of sampling. Sampling is done in the weekend i.e on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagements can be done in the theatre premises. Major forms are photo sessions and any custom requirement of the client can be planned and implemented at any scale. Done in the weekends i.e Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Conducting Sales or similar is counter-productive in the theatres and is not advised.