Extra curricular Activities are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school performed by students. Such activities are generally voluntary as opposed to mandatory like the academic curriculum. This enables the students to explore different activities to develop social skills which are beneficial for their future life.

Schools forms a major part of a students life and they are instrumental in shaping a student personality which is why we at "Conquest" believe that a student in his schooling years should be exposed to as many activities as possible.

Through this platform we become a co-curricular partner for all levels of schools and enhance the existing co-curricular activities done by the school to highest standards and also introduce new activities based on the infrastructure available in the school.

LRTN - Lemon Retail trade network

With a decade of experience of working in the rural markets for different brands across sectors and relationships formed with the rural community “LRTN - New Age Wholesale” aims to address the following:

  1. Doorstep delivery of orders of the kirana outlets in villages no matter how small the order size
  2. Ensure service of every outlet in the village and in a scheduled manner
  3. Help the kirana outlets in inventory management
  4. Provide financial support to our retail partners.
  5. Ensure higher realisations for our partners.

LRTN will use the latest technology to fulfil on its promises and ensure a great experience for our partners.